GMAT Capsule Program

" I took assistance from Doyen-Ed at the prime of my GMAT preparations. I used to dread maths due to my perception of it being calculation intensive. Chinu ma`am helped me accelerate my preparations and gave me the professional as well as the much needed confidence boost!
What had started with an early 30`s ended with a shining 48"

Tripti Rustagi
GMAT Classroom Program

"When it comes to preparing for GMAT there are loads of experts or trainers that talk a good game, but trainers@Doyen-Ed help you make it happen. The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with the trainers."

Divya Mittal
SAT Comprehensive Program

"It was an enriching experience! I learned a lot while preparing for my SATs. These classes helped me not on SAT, but also helped me improve my overall grammar skills. Both trainers were were passionate about helping me reach my desired goals."

Aishwarya Munjal
GMAT Classroom Coaching

I decided to take GMAT prep from Doyen-ed after considering a couple of options in the market. The batch size is small, and the prep is extremely specialized, focused yet flexible. The faculty took their time to know my strengths and weaknesses and helped me not only with strategy and concepts but also with dealing with testing anxiety, which was a big drawback for me. Joining the classes was basically like an investment in good mentorship.

Bhavya Nagpal
GMAT Classroom Coaching

"The place has one of the finest faculty which down to help you at any point in time, and give you personal attention. I have personally been in touch with the quantitative, and verbal, teaching staff and I`ve had the most amazing experience. Summarily, if you`re looking for a place that offers personal attention, peace, and best quality teachers then this is it."

Nitin Tripathin
GMAT Customized Program

"I got to them at a point when I was not happy with my preparation and was in half mind to postpone my exam. The very first interaction was extent comforting and I, after talking to 3 other ppl, immoderately decided to go for them. Like most people I know, verbal was then most troubling part of the entire GMAT exam for me. Nisha trained me to build my confidence and even more my score. I genuinely thought I do not need any quant training but when I did it have me that critical 4 point jump to 49 from my AVG score. I would highly recommend them for someone looking a very customized personal GMAT preparation classes"

Apoorva Kamat
GMAT Customized Program

The Quant coach for GMAT is really good, unlike many other training centres. I opted for a one-on-one session and am extremely satisfied with the way the sessions were conducted, a very personalized experience. The classroom setting is also very aesthetic.

Kevika Dhaiya
GMAT Quant Capsule

Excellent tutor who goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are well-equipped with the materials being taught in class. She teaches maths from a different angle. Chinu Ma`am never hesitates to give additional resources and feedback to her students and treats you as a friend. Her enthusiasm has definitely worked on her students and students become more attentive and active in class as her positivity and out of the box approach makes one develop deep interest in the subject and want to contribute more and learn more under her guidance.

Niyati Kapoor
GMAT Comprehensive

"My experience of studying GMAT at Doyen Ed has been really great. I was put to comfort and ease since day one. All the concepts and the reasoning behind them were explained to me in detail. I was provided with clarity and help whenever I needed it . Because of the friendly atmosphere I was able to gain confidence in my ability to solve problems and approach them in a logical manner. The teachers encouraged and motivated me at each step. Even during the lockdown the online classes were very satisfactory. There was no problem in understanding and learning online. Overall I had a cordial learning experience."

Namrata Kapoor
GMAT Comprehensive

"It has been an amazing experience learning from Chinu ma’am and her team. I joined Doyen Ed for preparing for GMAT and lELTs. She introduced me to one of the best teachers, who gave me their individual attention and supported me throughout. Chinu ma’am has been a great mentor, teacher and guide. She has always motivated me and brought out the best in me. She always believed in me, like a parent. She not only taught me Quant for GMAT, but also constantly guided me through the university application process. My journey would not have been easy without her and I am very grateful to have been her student"

Madhav Kapoor
GRE Comprehensive

For my GRE preparation, my cousin recommended Doyen Ed. I started there 3 month course in mid August 2020 that lead me to my dream university with an outstanding score . With depth and experience in the Subject, my trainers were able to assist me through the curriculum with ease. The tips and tricks that I learned from my teachers were extremely useful to get correct answers quickly. I am very grateful for the effort they put in for me and I am sure they will do the same for everyone else.

Ishita Bansal
GRE Comprehensive

"My experience with Doyen-Ed has been a spectacular one. The teachers here really want to see you succeed and I`ve seen them do more than everything in their power to help you achieve your dream. The mere attention given to my GRE and TOEFL prep was extraordinary. I was able to improve more than +25 points on my original verbal and quant scores and got a near-perfect score in TOEFL.. Apart from having all my doubts patiently answered, I also received excellent advice, best suited for me, from the mentors. With flexible hours, individual attention, and great location this is a one-stop destination for anyone wanting to get an extra hand with their study-abroad journey."