Undergraduate Education is done after completing high school education. Pursuing undergraduate programs from abroad is becoming increasing popular among Indian students. Getting a bachelor’s degree abroad is not an easy job, you’ll have to uproot yourself, come out of that comfort zone and leave your country. Need to set up yourself for tasks like cooking, managing finances, grocery shopping, self-study, learn new language, learn cross cultural communications and many other things.

Top Destinations to pursue Undergraduate Degree

There is a tremendous increase in number of Indian students who are moving towards overseas education because of better career opportunities, global exposure, peer learning experiences, amazing programs. Trends among Indian students until a decade ago were primarily with focus on countries such as the USA, Australia and the UK. However, avenues have been opening up over the years, and students now have various options such as New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Germany, China Ireland, UAE etc. to develop themselves as better professional.


Popular Undergraduate Programs

1. Bachelors programs in Engineering with specializations such as

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

2. Legal Studies Program

3. Business Programs

4. Programs in Social Sciences - Public policy, Economics, Sociology

5. International Studies

6. Data Sciences & Big Data


How Doyen-Ed helps in applying to Best Universities across the Globe !!

 Process starts with profile assessment- “Who are You?”- academics, interest, hobbies, extracurricular, intellect, certificates, differential factor.

 Moves on to complete focus on advisories on academics such as SAT Test Preparation, SAT Subject Tests, AP Programs and IELTS/TOEFL rigorous prep.

 On basis of Brain Mapping tests, we recommend offline/online courses, internships, extracurricular options and summer programs to build up a strong profile.

 Shortlisting of Schools based on robust quality process to ensure that it matches future aspirations.

 Assist in finalizing Early application essays, Common-app essays, UC application essays.

 Help in Letter of recommendation Letters, SOPs, Visa Guidance, Univ Interviews.

 Regular discussions on admit offer and finalizing university based on all pros and cons.