University of British Columbia


Established in 1908, the University of British Columbia (UBC) is situated in one of the most vibrant & culturally diverse cities of the world, Vancouver. It regularly ranks amongst the top 40 Universities across the globe, and is amongst the top 3 Universities in Canada. UBC has a long running motto since 1915, i.e. “It is Yours”. This motto supports innovation, discovery, and learning. UBC offers several courses & degrees in the fields of management, nursing, agriculture, engineering, etc. and follows the American model of specialization and a research thesis.

There are two campuses that UBC runs. The main campus is situated in Vancouver. It is spread across 400 acres of land covered in greenery, has some popular centers such as the Centre for Interactive Research in Sustainability, UBC Welcome Centre, UBC Centre for Plant Research and Chan Centre for Performing Arts. The second campus is situated in Okanagan and is the center of research and learning.

There are several reasons as to why you should look into UBC for your next phase in Education. Here’s why:

High Quality Education – The University offers programs in so many different fields. Here are certain examples of the standout programs of UBC – Urban Forestry, Biomedical Engineering, Bachelor + Master of Management Dual Degree. There are various other cool courses that UBC offers – Indigenous Feminisms, In Pursuit of the Whale, and many more. 

Tuition – As compared to the American Universities, UBC offers programs for a significantly lower Tuition fee. Moreover, students are allowed to complete their education in longer periods of time by taking breaks between semesters. That is one of the best features of the fee structure as it allows the students to graduate without any added pressure. The tuition fee is around $6,332.

The Campus Beauty – The weather in Vancouver is just perfect throughout all seasons. The campus is covered in red and orange leaves during fall, while in the spring season, the trees sprout cherry blossoms. What’s crazy is that UBC has its own beach and even though it is 500 wooden steps away, it’s still quite lovely.