MBA in Supply Chain Management



Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the process which involves the management of the flow of goods and services from the point of their transformation (from raw materials into finished goods) to their ultimate consumption. An effective, quick & efficient supply chain has become a matter of importance to all businesses these days, thus the requirement of people with SCM expertise in every business is extremely high. This expertise comes if you study and practice and this is where MBA in Supply Chain Management comes into play.


Globalization and certain other factors such as data analysis have shaken up the traditional distribution networks in the recent years, hence SCM has also needed evolution. Modern MBAs in Supply Chain Management provide you with the knowledge of older and current SCM trends, and enhance your skills in the specialized fields of operations, analytics and logistics according to the latest trends.

You need proper knowhow in areas like logistics, space, statistics, optimization, and demand management if you’re thinking of getting employed in the field of Supply chain. There’s a lot of research work that also goes into SCM, and so the best MBA B-schools are the ones that also take into account the information gathered by the on-campus research centres.

Operations management and logistics management have become a crucial part of a supply chain, so along with an MBA in SCM, students should look into programs related to operations & logistics. An abundance of jobs are available after an MBA in SCM (especially in the food production and health care sector), so students should look at the best universities that offer SCM programs. Here are a few of those:

  1. Rutgers Business School  Situated in Newark, New Jersey, Rutgers Business School founded the Centre for Supply Chain Management in 2009. Students are offered an MBA in Supply Chain Management which is ranked amongst the top 25 SCM programs in the United States. Statistics suggest that over thirty percent of Rutgers’ MBA class get jobs in operations & logistics.

  2. MIT Sloan School of Management It isn’t a technical MBA degree that students get in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but MIT Sloan offers a 10-month SCM Master’s program which leads to a Master of Engineering in Logistics degree. There’s also a dual-degree (MBA/MSc) called the “Leaders for Global Operations” program.

  3. Arizona State University (ASU) Situated in Tempe Arizona, ASU has been ranked among the top-three Supply Chain MBAs in the US. Students get to be specialized in areas such as "Supply Chain Management and Health Sector Management,” "Supply Chain Financial Management," and a few others.

  4. Michigan State University In Eli Broad Graduate School of Management at East Lansing, Michigan, students get to use the school’s On-Demand Supply Chain Centre. IBM is partnered with the school and they conduct SCM experiments for research work, allowing students to get the real world insights and to learn the various dynamics of the supply networks.

  5. Penn State  The Smeal College of Business in University Park, Pennsylvania offers both “MBA concentration in Supply Chain Management” and “Master of Supply Chain Management” degrees. The university has tie ups to major business corporations hence finding a job become quite easy if you’re capable enough.

There are certain other Universities which you could look into for an MBA in Supply Chain Management – The University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Purdue University, Ohio State University and Carnegie Mellon University. You could make a great career in the field of Supply Chain Management so plan for it as soon as possible.