University Admission Interview Questions & Answers


You’ve got your results, you’ve planned for your next phase of Education and applied for a University you need to get into, but there’s one final obstacle which could make or break everything. This final step is the admission interview you need to go through. It is extremely important that you go keep a cool head on your shoulders, do not panic and go in prepared for the set of questions that you might be asked in your interview. Also, always expect the unexpected because you might be thrown a curve ball made out of words that might get you out in an instant.

Yes, there could be certain questions that might surprise you, but the University interviews are always going to have questions from the following bunch. You just need to be privy of the right way to answer these questions:

Tell me something about yourself?

More often than not, this is the question that starts off the interview. And with this question, you get to introduce yourself to the interviewer as that’s basically the whole purpose of it. They want to know you but they don’t want to know what movies you like or what game you like to do for fun. Elucidate what is not mentioned on your application, and tell them about your personality traits that are connected to the course you’re choosing.

What made you choose this University?

It is almost guaranteed that you might be asked this question. It could be rephrased into this – “Why do you want to attend this university?” In your answer, you have to show the University that you will definitely be taking the slot they’ll avail for you. The answer should be related to how taking your course from this particular University is going to benefit you.

You could share how the University has the best facilities, approach, & people for your course. The interviewer is not interested to hear that that you’re opting for the University as it is quite popular or has the best location, the course isn’t very expensive, and so on. Basically, you have to show that you have put a lot of thought into taking admission in that particular University.

Why did you choose this course?

The interviewer will be testing your overall knowledge and your genuine interest in the course that you want to opt for. So, you’ll have to explain the reason you’re drawn to the subjects and what you plan to gain out of it. The ultimate goal for almost every course is career based, so tell them how you want to get the proper knowhow from the subjects and establish a career in a field related to your course. What you don’t need to mention is how you think that the course is easier than others, and how much you wish to earn (monetarily) out of it.

What can you bring to the University?

It’s certain that you won’t be accepted in the University unless you have something to contribute to its cause. It could be anything. You may not be an X-Factor student but you could still have something that you’re good at. If you’re good at a particular sport that the University runs, tell the Interviewer about it. You might be a good speaker, have good leadership skills or you may be good at other co-curricular activities related to the University. Mention all of that but don’t exaggerate.  

What are you currently reading?

Believe it or not, this is one of the most frequently asked questions which could actually lead to a pretty lengthy discussion. You could talk about your favourite books. Fiction or non-fiction, it is preferable if you talk about something that is related to your course.

What are your most proud achievement(s)?

An achievement isn’t something that is backed by an award. Yes of course if you have been awarded in a certain field then you have to mention that. It may not even be related to academics. But the achievement which you have to talk about here is how something in your life, big or small, recent, or may be in the past led you to become a better individual, motivated you, or helped you overcome a certain weakness.

What are your strengths & weaknesses?

This is probably the most important question in the Admission Interview. It is a simple question but it could put you in a limbo as you try to come up with a suitable answer. So it’s best if you jot down your strength(s) & weaknesses beforehand and explain them through your life experiences in the interview. You could tell them how you’re good at something which would give you an edge in your course. The most basic answer to the strengths part is “I’m a hard worker”, but you have to expand on that because that’s what the interviewer is looking for. The “weaknesses” part could get tricky, so it’s better to mention one or two of your flaws and speak about how you’re working on overcoming those.

It’s crucial that you don’t get stressed while you give your interview. Be confident about yourself, speak your mind and go in prepared for all possible contingencies.

Good Luck!

Team Doyen-Ed