Top Summer programs for Indian Students


Early 90’s Summers meant vacations but not anymore. If you’re looking to get admitted in top college in US, you really need to work hard on your all-round profile. Attending a summer school is one of them. Summer is the time to let admissions team know that you’re much more than your GPA and test results. There are many programs such as Community work, internships and summer programs which lasts for 3-4 weeks. Depending on your interest, you may decide what benefits and motivates you the most. Let’s dig deeper into top summer programs (aka Pre-College Program) offered in India for high school students looking to enhance their skills.

1. Symbiosis Summer School

This program is run by Symbiosis International University in about six disciplines such as Liberal arts, Dance, Music & Theatre, Climate Change, Creative Writing, Film Making and Photography, Art and Design. This program is conducted by national and international faculty members creating an intercultural environment.

Course fee is 40,460/-; Course duration- 15 Days; Location – Pune.

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2. Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC)

This program is an initiative of Harvard and oxford alumni with an objective of creating a better understanding of societal challenges. They offer unique programs such as Policy in action, Counter Speech Fellowship which helps in Critical thinking, empathy, leadership skills etc.

Course fee is 28,000/- Location- Delhi & Mumbai.

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3. Oxford Summer Course

This program offers a world class teaching and learning environment where all oxford academicians share their experiences with aspirants.  This 10-day rigorous programs helps in improving grades, over all profile and gaining edge over others. They offer variety of courses such as Business & Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, Creative Writing & English, Literature, Economics, Medicine, Leadership, Natural Sciences, Psychology, Media Studies, Politics, Law.

Course fee -1,00,000/- & Location – Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore.

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4. Young Scholars Program at Ashoka University

This is a leading program for those looking to study Liberal arts. This 7-day course is well suited for 11th & 12th Graders. It’s a certified residential program that includes lectures, presentations, performances, group discussions and various workshops.

Course Fee is 35,000/- & Location-  Sonepat (Haryana)

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5. Young Technology Scholars

This is a 2-week residential program on interdisciplinary technology education, mainly STEM-focused. It’s a great program designed by alumni of leading universities in the world such as Stanford, Harvard Business School, IITs, IIMs and UC Berkeley. This program helps kids to explore the scientific, creative and business aspects of Robotics, Optics, AI, Electronics, Optics, Data Sciences, and Bioinformatics.

Course fee- 90,000/- & Location- Gurgaon.

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6. Camp Cardamom

This is a unique summer program based on model of experiential education. This program includes sessions on Classical Indian culture and Environmental stewardship by practicing activities such as music, dance, and visual arts, as well as rock climbing, trekking, and canoeing.

Course Fee – 35,000/- & Location – Kerala & Munnar

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7. INSPIRIT AI – Summer Program on Artificial Intelligence

This summer program is an initiative of AI experts from Stanford University. It is developed and taught exclusively by a team of AI specialists from the university. They provide guidance on pursuing AI ventures, and preparing for college. This 10-day workshop is primarily for high school graders (class 9th -12th) to teach fundamental AI concepts and helps them build a mentor-led socially impactful AI projects such as Distracted Driver Detection, Crop Output Prediction, Eye Disease Diagnosis, and Disaster Relief Improvement.

Course Fee -75,000/- & Location – New Delhi, Bangalore & Mumbai

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8. ARCC Summer Program- The Himalayan Project

This 21-day exciting, robust and adventurous program is best suited for 10th grade onwards. This program includes teaching English to locals at Himalayan peaks, visiting historical places like Leh, Ladakh, Jaipur, Delhi. This also includes rebuilding playgrounds at remote high altitude schools, refurbishing classrooms. It is a little expensive program, but if one can afford it is truly a lifetime experience for students.

Course Fee- $4,995 & Location – Agra, Delhi, Leh, Ladakh.

Here, we have listed few top programs, but there are many more similar programs that match the students’ profile. Such Summer School Programs are a great way to boost confidence, gives a push to your verbal and written language skills. Such interactive and intensive learning environment helps to improve grades and eventually work as a big support for college application.

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Good Luck!

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